Display playermodel?

How would I display a players character in-game?

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That’s not a specific enough request. Please describe what you are hoping to achieve in detail. There are many different ways to interpret this question and it wouldn’t be productive to assume what you’re hoping to achieve.

This is why it’s important that you follow our category guidelines and don’t make minimal one-sentence posts. On that note: what have you tried so far? Have you done any research into the topic, such as how to fetch a character’s appearance or for any threads on the DevForum covering the same topic? Have you referenced any existing resources? There’s a lot you could do alone if you put your own time into it. Keep in mind that the forums are not a do-my-work site.


You copy the player’s ID and insert it to a model. I believe it would show the player’s character by the ID it has, maybe. The other way is to just wait for that player, duplicate the model and display the copy wherever you want.

for the thumbnail model, you need This

yeah this is too broad of a question, are you just wanting an image of the character?

or are you wanting something like this?


Sorry for not describing in-depth. I mean a model of the player’s character. For example, Player A would see his Player A’s avatar displayed and Player B would see Player B’s avatar displayed.