DN Sketchbook || 2D Graphic Artist & Designer, Concept Artist, and Illustrator ||

Greetings! I am Darknut, or simply DN. I am a freelance artist & designer, specializing in 2D graphics, artwork, illustration, and concept art. I have been around on ROBLOX since early 2008, while I’ve been in the freelance art business for about 9 years- with 5 of those years doing work on ROBLOX. Of course, art is something I’ve been doing pretty much all of my life!

I have helped design accessories for UGC creators (@GuestCapone, @JohnDrinkin, @TheShipArchitect, @Zealocity, and @EnDarke), with dozens of my designs on the catalog. I’ve done art & design for Dungeon Quest, BloopVille, and RoKarts, plus I also designed a handful of prizes for RB Battles Season 2 and Season 3!

You can find examples of my work in these Imgur albums:

Concept Art

Art & Illustrations

GFX Design

If you have any inquires, you can contact me here on the forum, or via:

Discord: dn_sketchbook

Twitter: DN_Sketchbook

As for payment, I only accept USD. I am very flexible with my pricing, as it will vary for whatever it is you want made. Regardless, I am always happy to negotiate prices and details with you! Plus, I am also happy to share WIP updates of work, and do back-and-forth feedback & improvements on said work to ensure you get the best bang for your buck! After all, client satisfaction is my priority!

And so concludes my portfolio, thank you for reading- and have a nice day! :smile:


I 100% VOUCH!!!

This dude is amazing at what he does. All of his concepts are greatly even and are easy to work with!

10 outa 10 highly recommend.

I commissioned Darknut to create 10 emotes for me to use on Discord. He was able to successfully achieve my wishes within a reasonable time and was even kind enough to give me a little bit of a discount since I was on a budget. Darknut also provided me with progress images to see if I wanted any changes along the way, and whenever I would request a change, he would keep making changes until I was satisfied.

I highly recommend anyone to commission Darknut for his artwork. He is a fantastic worker who has great customer service. I do plan on commissioning him again in the future!

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Looks great! Interested in commissioning you, sent you a friend request :eyes:

Now that’s some impressive work with quality :sparkling_heart: