Do I kick people from servers when I update?

I am generally new to Roblox, so sorry for the dumb question. Today, I migrated my game to the latest update, but I think someone was playing when I did. I have tried playing my own game and then updating, and my character gets a message that says ‘the developer has kicked you from this game’ or something like that. Am I doing something wrong when updating my game? Thanks

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there is a button that says shutdown all servers

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If I hit that button, will players get the same message, ‘kicked from server’?

Yes, updating your game will shut down all severs.

You could warn people beforehand by making a game-wide announcement

yes they will it will give them a message

Ok, thanks. I’ll look at that.

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it will give them message: ‘roblox shut down server for maintenace’

There is a way of teleporting players to a reserve server when you shut them down. If you would like a link to the model I made then I can provide it. This is a great way never to lose player count when you update!

You should probably use this soft server shutdown script. What it basically does is, when you shut down your game, the player will get teleported to a temporary server, and teleported back to their old server with the same players that were playing it (but instead, the server will be your updated game).

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When you push an update just click the button below.image
When you do it, it will kick everyone with the reason “Roblox shut this server down for maintenance.” There is a way you can do a 'soft shutdown which is when you basically shutdown the server and it will move everyone to a new one without any loading screen and it will then have them in the updated server and delete the old one.

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