Do models in ReplicatedStorage cause lag?

Cloning it from ServerStorage will make it public, but you could make it only clone to that one specific player.

To clone it to one specific player, you could do something like, clone it to ReplicatedStorage (its currently public on this step), then using a local script make a clone of the model that’s in ReplicatedStorage and parent the clone to workspace where the player can see it, then Destroy() the model from ReplicatedSorage, (now the model is only by that one player).

Now I see how complicated it gets just to clone one model locally, I can see why most game makers prefer using ReplicatedStorage… also I have a question that just came to mind- if you clone a model from ServerStorage and it goes eventually to the client… then can’t that be stolen in the same way through using scripts/injections to get that model now that it is in the client? Do you see what i’m saying, it’s not a 100% fool-proof way in my view. Unless that is if I am wrong, and if I am please tell me. Thanks.

You are right, Its not 100% fool-proof, But by using said method, they will only be able to steal the cloned model, while the other models will stay safe inside of ServerStorage.

In that case I think i’ll stick with ReplicatedStorage since all my models there are accessible by the client through buttons (customization/crafting frame)… I hope this is a wise choice for me. It certainly is the easiest.