Do you think that people can use someone elses logos?

Hi, i was scrolling on DevForum, and saw girl who was selling stolen logos

( someone elses logos from google )

and im not sure if its against tos or somenthing like that. What is your opinion guys?
Have an awesome day! :wink:

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It is against TOS.
Cuz the pics are stolen.


Well if the image is copyrighted, then they can get a DMCA request from that company to ask them to take it down. If it’s for Roblox, I’m not too sure :confused:.


I don’t think that is correct. Maybe she had permission, or else, I think the logo owner should do something about it if it bothers them. :two_hearts:

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So do you think this could be bannable or somenthing?

If she doesn’t have permission.

They are plagiarising; copying without permission¸ claiming other’s work as their own. Clearly against copyright and with less care, they are liability. Clearly should be reported/flagged, because it is also against DevForum rules. See #17.


Oh okay, thank you, i will flag her :ú

If she continues this she may get a dmca request or terminated.

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Sending this to Forum Feedback since its a meta issue, but it doesn’t really fit in any category. You can message DevEngagement, Sage or Editor for help on small stuff like this.