Do you think the devforum changed since the automated level update?

I want to ask you all if you think that the dev community changed since the DevForum made the level update automated ? Are there any certain pros & cons ? Is the audience consisted of people who don’t really have any experience with development in Roblox ?

Thank you, Cloudly


I don’t know really as I came just 6 days ago to the DevForum. I find it as a bit of an insult calling us newbies to the DevForum less skilled. I’ve been developing since the day I joined Roblox in 2016. I think during these 6 days, I’ve found out many people here are experienced and people already like my work.


I was not referring to ,less skilled, people as the ones recently accepted into the devforum. I meant is as people who dont really know anything at all and are not meant to be here in the devforum, of course there are people who have some serious skill when it comes to developing and are new in the devforum.
Really sorry for the misunderstanding

Thank you, Cloudly <3

I just noticed that, im really sorry… I didn’t know where to put those posts at, since i didn’t know i can put them into the feedback category.

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and also, can i recategorize the post or do i just delete it ? i dont really know what to do right now.

You should of spent your time reading when you couldn’t make new topics etc on all the rules etc.

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Yeah, edit the title, you can move it from there

thank you so so much, i didn’t realize the mistake i made.

and to be honest i spent a lot of time reading the basic rules, i just didn’t realize the mistake right now, since i didn’t know which category does the topic belong to.

We all make mistakes, just try to not to do it next time. The post has been flagged (by other people) by the way due to it being in the wrong category before.

Okay, i posted the two topics at similiar times, hence explaining why i categorized them falsely, im gonna try to not do that mistake ever again and thank you for being respectful and helping me

Sincerely, Cloudly

I’m here now, which certainly seems like a pro from my perspective.


You are indeed a pro. An amazing, great, pro.

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I think the developer community changed since the DevForum changed the joining process. There are many pros. Such as the previous application system was inefficient and that got rid of it, and the DevForum can become a greater resource to new developers who need help.

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Definitely, I remember that I needed 32 days visited in order to join but that was like August? around there. But now there are people with less than 7 days visited and already promoted to member. And most of them have not even read the community guidelines and some even treat this as The Forums. I find this is ruining Devforum at the current moment.

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I have been on the forum for about a week, and just got post access not even an hour ago. But even with 7 days active, the community guidelines was one of the first things I read. The “System” bot direct messages you when you get access and it requests that users read the thread before posting etc. (just some thoughts)