Documentation Reader - A Plugin for Scripters!



…That’s only mildly embarrassing.
Fixing now.





You can now add a “value-type” attribute to your parameters and return values. Here is an example in Rodocs:

    Some function

    @param [t:number] bar Some random number
    @param addend Another number, but notice that the value type is not listed. That's because it is optional.

    @returns [t:number] The sum of the two numbers
function foo(bar, addend)
    return bar + addend

For the XML style, please reference the help documents that can be brought up using the help button :slight_smile:



Now when you select a script, you will have the option to “Generate markup.” In the future, I plan to implement multiple markup languages, which will be another setting. For now, there is only Markdown.

This is a really awesome addition for GitHub repositories :smiley: Hopefully this helps to incentivize people to add Rodocs comments to their open source libraries since it will auto-generate Markdown now :slight_smile:


One further update - I finally got around to making the plugin work with Studio themes with the new API.


Reminder for the author of the plugin.

Also something that popped up in my mind. A field that states whether the function will yield or not.


I am considering removing the XML style documentation so as to make it easier to expand upon Rodocs. Is anyone opposed to this idea?


You’ll get no objections from me. Before you do so however, how are you going about getting xml style elements and their attributes? I’m curious.