Does any1 know what method they use for moving grenades in Phantom Forces?


I’ve been struggling with making bombs that don’t lag or freeze or glitch ever so slightly upon throwing before going on their way. Seeing as the grenades in PF look smooth i am wondering how they do it? Perhaps using the same method i can finally make somethign with a smooth trajectory?

Thank you for your time

You could make sure the network ownership is set to the client that throws the grenade.

Or you could use a module like FastCast to do it with CFrame + ray casting.

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well that IS the issue, I AM setting network ownership to the player and STILL the bomb kinda lags a bit before it starts moving along the trajectory, in studio play and 2 player testing mode it works fine but in game it kinda lags a bit, and i am worried that it will lag even more with more players