Does anybody know how to use ScriptRecovery?

Hello, as you already know, Roblox is down

I need help, I wrote a rather complex set of scripts to control a GUI and for some reason Studio hanged on me resulting in all of my progress being lost, I need to know how to use the built-in script recovery feature since I haven’t had much luck with it myself nor’ is my auto recovery working as intended

Studio hanged and has now forced closed, but my consern is why isn’t there a check/fallback for when Roblox’s API is down?! why does Studio just hang when it is unable to contact the backend?

I’m not trying to compain about the outage, I just really want those assets back

Many thanks.

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I love when Studio gives me more reasons to use Visual Studio Code to write my code instead. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Thus doesn’t work on macbook, where can i find a solution for macbook?

Have you tried doing the steps in the linked post? It seems like the only difference would be the directory where the scripts are stored.