Does anyone know how to ban players and make it save?

I have this command to ban someone that adds them to a table but that only saves for the server. I need help with saving the data across all the servers. Here is the command.

commands.ban = function(sender, arguments)
	local player = findPlayer(arguments[1], sender)
	local note = findValuesAfter(1, arguments)
	if player and not bannedPlayers[player.Name] and player.Name ~= "SpySethy" and not banned then
		player:Kick("you are banned: "..note)
		bannedPlayers[player.Name] = note
	elseif not player then
		print("player not found")

I’d recommend you to use their UserId instead of their Name.

You can store banned players on DataStoreService or use other’s resources e.g.


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