Does measuring really matter?

When I’m building things like houses, does it really matter how exact everything is? For example, I’m working on a house, and one side has the wall part 0.3 studs away from the edge of the foundation. do I have to make it exact on the other side too?


I would argue anything players can see should be precise and constructed without error, so yes, measuring does matter.

Several minor issues with builds (e.g. alignment errors, scaling errors, etc.) can collectively lower the quality of work; being able to spot errors in builds takes away from the immersion the build provides.

Somebody recently asked a question about how to scale buildings more effectively. The solution I provided may offer you some guidance with your problem:


I know it has already been solved, but just wanted to add that without measurements it can also make building itself quite difficult as things don’t fit accordingly.

Say you make a house without measurements, then you add in a sofa and chair and table and television, without proper measurements none of these will fit correctly and you will most likely spend ages getting aggravated over the fact they do not work, which of course wouldn’t occur if you measured.

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