Don't shutdown Studio without warning for updates

At approximately 6:00PM EST (3PM PST) today (1/29/2020), Studio suddenly closed and started updating. I was in Team Create on my place editing some scripts and there was no warning. It’s extremely jarring to have Studio close like that; I assumed it was crashing as I was working in script editors pulled out onto another monitor and they simply closed.

I understand the need for timely updates, especially in the case of security issues or risk of data corruption, but there should be a timed warning at the very least.

EDIT: This is especially annoying because the scripts I had open didn’t even persist. This is pretty detrimental to productivity, as we all know that something like this can really take you out of “the zone.”


Hey @mr_smellyman,

We have received a number of reports on this issue. Please check out this thread! Studio still closes for updates. It's still frustrating - #34 by Subcritical_alt

Additionally, you’ll find that we created a new Beta Feature us to test out in order to improve this behavior. We hope for this to be live for everyone in a couple of weeks.


Good stuff. I figured there were probably some other reports, but I decided to post anyway for the sake of recordkeeping since I didn’t see any from this update yet. Keep up the good work, #3.