Doodle World Credits

wish_z: Lead Project Developer
ilyannna: Creative Director
Klutzu: Head Artist
its_oIiverr: Head Artist

Ak_zon, Brick784, FishWidFeet, FruitJvice, Robunct, arte_yy, Tomas_Plays123443, TotalTryXHard, trickyfishies, 2Tryb0rg, Varaiko, Abby6316, EggyEggoEgg, abzminions2, Dognwolf, TiredArtist75, AnimalawesomJay, MechanicalHorror, LyingNapat0510, FoshiGamer

Creative Common Attributes

  • Pleasant Porridge by Kevin MacLeod
  • Overcast (Lab theme) by Kevin MacLeod
  • Destiny (Evolution theme) by LunaLucid / Namastaii
  • Aware (Crossroads theme) by LunaLucid / Namastaii
  • Game Song Loop by Tim Beek
  • The Nightclub by Tim Beek
  • Mystery Unsolved by Tim Beek
  • Surfs up by Tim Beek
  • Surveillance (Sewer theme) by Tim Beek
  • The Story Continues (Craig theme) by Tim Beek
  • Wellerman by Tim Beek
  • Breaking News by FesliyanStudios
  • Courage Within by Steve Melin
  • Moonlight Battle by Steve Melin
  • Electric Drift by Steve Melin
  • All Together by Panman Music
  • Morning Prance by Panman Music
  • Summer’s Circle by Panman Music
  • Forest of Fairies by Panman Music
  • Let’s Dance (Riffraff theme) by Panman Music
  • Adrift in Autumn by Panman Music
  • High Society Waltz (Quincy theme) by EFJ_Baron
  • Grammphone Song by EFJ_Baron
  • Route 12 (Village 2) by Platonic
  • Dead Village by EFJ_Baron
  • Above the Clouds by EFJ_Baron
  • Battle with Demon General by YouFulca
  • YAMATO (Inari theme) by YouFulca
  • Grief of Souls by YouFulca
  • For Honor by YouFulca
  • Ariadne by YouFulca
  • Impalpable Force by YouFulca
  • Sunflower (Menu theme) by WOW Music
  • Battlefield (Wild battle theme) by PeriTune
  • Battlefield2 (Wild battle theme) by PeriTune
  • Battlefield4 (Wild battle theme) by PeriTune
  • Battlefield5 (Wild battle theme) by PeriTune
  • Seaside by Sakura Girl
  • Town-Village-Theme3 by JP Soundworks
  • Creepy Music 10 by Cool Cat Studios
  • Haunted Town by Chris Logsdon
  • Printing Theme (Dreamy Beat Ambient Loop) by Tim Beek
  • Imperial City, Evernauts
  • Behind Foreign Walls (Ruined Castle Theme) by Nicole Lyria