Double Chat Tags

The image below is a screenshot from Custom Duels, it has two chat tags. How did they put two chat tags?


use :SetExtraData twice, i guess?

That doesn’t work, no. I’ve tried that.

Just put 2 tags in one string.


"[Hello]" -- Normal Tag
"[Hello] [World]" -- 2 Tags in one string.

When using SetExtraData to set tags, the tags key takes an array of objects that describe the appearance of each tag. You could add as many tags as you want, really. For example:

Speaker:SetExtraData("Tags", {
        TagText = "Hello world";
        TagColor =,1,1);
        TagText = "Wasgud";
        TagColor =, 0, 0);

See this post below on how to interact with the Chat Service API to add tags: