Dragger QoL Improvements [Beta]

I assume it’s disturbing now but I prefer to use shift to snap correctly parts! Now you have to use alt to scale uniformly

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I already mentionned that ! It’s true it’s disturbing!

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Do we already have some possibility to snap the currently selected part to the grid?
For example the grid is with size = 1 stud
My part is positioned at 0.89, 7.12, 6
I want it to snap to the closest point on the grid - 1, 7, 6

Awesome stuff!

In the past the source code for the draggers was available w/ each release of studio. Which was great as a learning resource.

However for quite awhile the draggers (alongside most other built in plugins) haven’t been source code accessible (at least not that I know of). Is there any chance we’ll get access to the source of draggers again? I’d especially like to play around w/ it given the substantial changes. Or is that something we’ll never get again :frowning_face:

Note: I was under the impression built in plugins were not packaged as simple rbxms anymore was due to security concerns. However, if that’s the only issue, is there a reason we can’t get a github repository or a freemodel, etc?

Either way, thanks for the great update!


this is awesome. please never remove this

As mentioned above, I will be making a zip of the DraggerFramework source code available with the full release once we’ve had a chance to make adjustments and fix all of the beta bugs.

The last time I made a release available was here, though that doesn’t include these recent improvements: Let us read and fork the built-in plugins again - #5 by tnavarts


Hi! I have an issue where studio freezes when moving a part sometimes. Am I supposed to report the issue here or do I send you a private message? I already have sent a private message but unsure if you’ve seen it or not.

Yes, I saw the message and will look into it.

Ah, ok thanks. I’ll give you a bit more info later I haven’t had too much of a play around with it.

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Great update team! How do I permanently disable all of the improvements btw?

Just disable it in the beta features panel thing

Great update and changes, however when moving models with lots of instances grouped into it, studio sometimes freezes or the model is only moved after a few seconds after releasing my mouse button.

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Sounds good, I guess I will ask again in a few months once it’s implemented fully :+1: I’m a big fan of procrastinating until the impending doom arrives so this will work splendidly for me

Hi! I’m really happy with a lot of these features and its clear a lot of love and incredible attention to detail went into these concepts, but I feel as though the rulers passively appearing on any hovered part is a bit jarring and unintuitive.

I feel like there should be a more customizable approach here? Perhaps the option to enable rulers only appearing when the mouse is held down over a selection, or disable their view entirely? Again, I’m really happy with a large majority of these dragger changes but the rulers passive appearance feels far too intrusive for me to use this beta comfortably.


The UX and keybind flow needs to be properly scrutinized before pushing this to live.

  • Moving an object in a very heavy team-create place (with many instances) causes noticeable lag of 100-200 ms each time I click a dragger.
  • The rulers being always on is disruptive and annoying, also I don’t understand what the rulers are meant to tell me, do you want me to count how many notches are on the Ruler and approximate the distance from the edge of a part?? What’s the purpose?
  • In Scale Mode, if I want to resize Uniformly by pressing Alt, a common necessity is to also zoom out my camera POV by pressing S- Alt+S opens the Studio settings menu. Conflicting keybinds.

Nice upgrade. However it would be nice to be able to edit the number as to how much an object has been moved/rotated/scaled. Perhaps a button could be pressed to focus the textbox, or the textbox remains until clicked off.

Are there any plans to add a option to move objects along the x, y and z axis after pressing g ( or any key ) in the same way as the g key movement works in blender?

i do not like the update, i prefer the way it currently is with selection. if the update is rolled out, PLEASE at least give us the ability to keep it as is

This is what I’ve always wanted. Coming back to Roblox from Unity I really missed this feature. It would make moving objects so much faster!

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I’d imagine you could keep it the same, assuming they add a setting for everything they’re proposing. They made it sound like it would be insanely customisable!

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