Dragging frames not working

Drag.rbxl (42.3 KB)

Hello forum. I’ve linked a file containing an example of what I’m struggling with. I’m using a made module there but it doesn’t work even when I tried it myself. Overall everything works until the frames are modified with uigridlayout. The solution I use there is to before dragging anything, change the parent of that frame to other frame which doesn’t contain uigridlayout. This works but there is one significant problem - when the frame is dragged, it isn’t on the mouse position. It has some kind of offset which I don’t know how to balance. You can see for yourself in the project. If you have any questions please leave them below

When a UIGridLayout is in place, you cant move any of the elements on screen thats part of the frame that has the GridLayout.

You are correct, beforehand, move the frames where you want, but you can also edit how the frames are placed in the properties tab of the UIGridLayout Element.

I think you misunderstood. I am trying to check if frame is being clicked and parent it somewhere else to be able to drag it. This is working but the only thing I don’t know why happens is the offset (the frame isn’t exactly at mouse position) you can see this also in the baseplate I linked or here in the video Problems With Gui Following Mouse