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I wouldn’t call it censorship. But they are right, you should never say things like “pls hrie me i need commissions in order to make x y z happens!!111!”, it just looks unprofessional, even if its true, you shouldn’t do that. Especially for unimportant accessories such as airpods. Now I took that comment as a joke and not a serious need for them, however joke or not it looks bad and should honestly be removed. I think it would be wise for OP to rewrite his post to sound more like a serious ad for work rather then a money grab.

Also @DrawingBoard you should put the commission sheet outside of the spoiler and after examples of your work, if you put the price before the examples then people are less interested in hiring you because you’re asking for money before showing what you are capable of doing.

Also grammar doesn’t really matter, I still get then, than and thin mixed up and no one complains.

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if you read my post i’m actually going for galaxy buds now

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Very nice models! Hope you get ya galaxy buds! :slight_smile:



Do not reccomend, he brags about how “good” he can make stuff in a minute or so, it’s suspicious.

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Do you make the textures too? Also do you know how to UV Unrwap and bake textures?



Firstly, don’t capitalise your letters after commas, secondly it’s “these” not “those”, I’d be careful about who you’re calling out for grammar. And also comments like these are not useful, or even constructive, I’d think next time before posting.

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I was on my phone but I’ll try to stay constructive.



Yeah I know how to texture and UV unwrap. I have a tablet too so i can hand draw textures if you want that kind of texturing style