Dread 1.38 Update

A new update for Dread that brings a ton of improvements for zombies!

What’s new in 1.38?

  • Zombies now have better hit detection: No longer do you have to predict where the survivor is moving in order to hit them!
  • M60 buffed: Reduced recoil and added 10% armor penetration for Riot Zombie shield and helmet
  • Added “Locate Survivors” mechanic for Bloodsuckers
    • Shows silhouettes of all survivors around you, 20 second delay,
  • Added new animations for the Jetpack Zombie by @mattgrant
  • Jetpack Zombies now move faster when flying
  • Added hints for zombie controls when a zombie has special abilities
  • Fixed a bug where the DB Shotgun would start off with 1/8 ammo instead of 1/4 with the double-shot attachment equipped