Driving a better Vehicle Camera

how does the keybinds get messed up if you use the basic WASD?

First off, you replied to me about 2 months after my post

second of all, if you would have read the entire post, you would have understood the fact that this is for my game, not for the driveseat camera.

Just as I realized that for this new camera mechanic: driving on some of my vehicles I made, the camera is a little off to the left or right:

And others, is…well…centered.

Hi, thanks for this great feature! We would like to use it in our game.

However, one thing we noticed, was that using seat:sit(humanoid) in a script, rather than a localscript or sitting down, does not trigger the new camera behaviour.

We do not want to do the seating locally, for various reasons. Is there still a way to trigger the neat camera behaviour when seating players through a script?

Thanks for any help!!

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As far as I know, this has something to do with the avatar’s position in the vehicle? Is the character always in the same position in all three?

I’m not sure if any changes have been made since November, but overall it’s still fairly nauseating.
Particularly, if you’re driving on a banked racetrack, the camera doesn’t seem to know what to do with itself.
The following shows just that.

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The driver seat that I put was at the center of the vehicle.

So I’m using a swing set in my game and now the camera follows the seat as if it was attached to your back and honestly the rotation is just making players nauseous. An option to disable would be very nice, kinda funny it wasn’t even included in the first place.


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