Dummies Guide to Scams

I believe he means that exploiters have the ability to download client assets (as the workspace is replicated to the client so they would have access to the model).

I think it goes without saying that he didn’t literally mean “3D-scan”

Yes, exploiters have a saveinstance() function. Not a “3D scan” function.

I wonder how exactly they do it are they using a roblox api?

No, Roblox would never let such a vulnerability pass through its API. They just use custom functions using exploits.

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I thought this was a tutorial on how to scam, and I was very confused lol. Good tutorial though!


Slow response times can be caused by irl circumstances, and generally that is the case. Also you can’t “3D scan” games

I’m sorry, My Wi-Fi just came back up and I was really tired when i was writing this, Let me edit this. Sorry for the misinformation that i might have spreadt.

What if the person hasn’t ever taken commissions before? (e.g. newbies)

I’ve fixed the 3D scan thing, I’m sorry. It was late when I wrote this, so I probably forgot about it. I’ve also added @PseudoPerson’s suggestion wherein you get payed for the amount of work you’ve done. I’m going to probably edit if I get a new suggestion, idea or etc. Leave your opinion! I would love to add it to this resource.

EDIT: I re-edited it to add @Mirzadaswag answer. Hope it helps.

@xJxck_yy @deluc_t
You can in fact literally 3D scan a game (although yeah, probably not what he meant). In fact, I’ve done so myself for a fun project. (I mean, to be fair it did turn out looking like garbage, but, it was my first time messing with it)

I forget the term, but, there is a technique which takes 20-30 photos (more generally means better results but slower processing) of a 3D space, and, attempts to stitch them together and recreate the scene. It then uses various pieces of info it can gather from the environment, and metadata of the photos, and specular highlights it can identify, and, it tries to recreate the 3D object(s) as a cloud of points. Then it’ll try to fill in extra points and create a more detailed cloud of points, then, it creates a “shell” around the point cloud, and finally attempts to apply textures to it directly from the photos. Its by no means perfect, especially on photos of games where metadata is lacking and lighting is inaccurate, but, it is technically possible.

As for asset stealing, anything that a player can see, can be ripped from the game, there’s no saving that. There are versions of this that use saveinstance, some techniques will take advantage of other things as well, I think there is one for Direct3D games which can rip all of the geometry and textures that’s being rendered.

Likewise, any scripts that the player will run can be ripped from the game, its impossible to get around that since it has to be available on the client to run on the client. Sure, you can make it a little bit more difficult, but, unfortunately there just isn’t a way to stop this, just like with exploiting, its not something that can be stopped.

If you’re really really paranoid, you could try taking advantage of CollectionService (or, if you want to mess with FastFlags using something like Roblox Studio Mod Manager, and enabling Attributes) which are saved on the instance’s data.