Dynamic Skies Are Getting Cloudy

I gotta say, this is definitely going to help my game look more realistic. Thank you for this amazing feature! :smiley:

I do have one question though. Will there be a documentation for these in the Dev Hub and are there going to be more “Properties” of it in the future (such as Color, etc)?

Thanks again for clouds!



I’d love if you could add rain falling from those clouds… Maybe even a huge storm…

(Or even better, a rainbow!)


All of that time waiting with excitement now ends with (nearly) exactly as what we hoped for.
I’m so interested in seing the clouds interact with the sky properties in the future. And I hope we will have an option to disable it and enable it. Are there going to be any setting for us to costumize like the amount of clouds, the color of them, hight they appear at, weather systems and the movement speed etc.? Hyped to test it!


Will we be able to change the texture of the clouds? And also, will we be able to disable these & will we be able to set the Transparency of these clouds? And also, can we change the color of these clouds or not? Overall, great update coming from Roblox. I’ve been waiting for this update for a while and I’m glad it’s finally here.


LOOKS STUNNING! thank you Roblox staff, now this is a lovely announcement to hear :smiley:

How will the clouds work with the Roblox graphics settings?


I really think Roblox is doing a great job this year. Atmosphere, FIB3, Skinned Meshes, Surface Apparence, better under water lights and now this! Thanks for all this hard work! How will this exactly work? And how can scripters use them? What are all properties do they haves and when do you think they will be relased? I really can‘t wait that we can actually use them in-game! Still, I have a lot of questions and the only reponse to them is to use them myself. Are they calculated based on physics or on math, if on maths then what kind of programm are you using? If I am right, then Roblox should work on PC and on mobile very good, so the clouds should works on mobile. Now I am impatient to see the results (and FPS drops, if you, Roblox Staff, make that clouds dosen‘t have any FPS drops, then you will reinvent the wheel (wich, is now impossible…))! If we now want to create realistic weather, then the last update you should make (for me actually) is the ability to create winds that blows the grass of the terrain, but again, this is already good. If we combine this with this lighting module, then (ok, I said “then” 10 times, I need to take a break XD)… I can‘t imagine what we could do.

you have 1000% of my support!


Is there any synergy with sun rays and other lighting effects?


Wow! This is amazing! Kudos to everyone on the team. I do have a question, what are performance implications as of now, and for now, would you recommend this for a production level game? Thanks!


No more dull looking clouds integrated into low-res skyboxes. Now I’ll be finally able to make my sky look dynamic without weird workarounds.


I love the fact that I can now use clouds that aren’t just meshes in the sky! Keep up the great work on ths! I just have one question: When is this expected to fully release?


Can’t wait for the volumetric clouds in Phase 1c! I’m thinking ground fog.


This is absolutely amazing, this is probably the best update this yeah after FiB, i’m looking forward to make scenes using this feature. 3D clouds could be used for a very wide range of environments, and even for ground fog- but i have some questions:

Will we be able to adjust the height at which the cloud cover is located? how about the density of clouds on one layer of the atmosphere?

Will the shape of the clouds be customizable enough to make- let’s say a low cover of cumulus and stratus clouds, as well as high, towering storm clouds, like in this picture?

And will we be able to concentrate the density of the clouds in one side of the sky (which happens naturally when a cold or warm front is moving in, or when a thunderstorm system is developing), or is the placement of the clouds based solely on randomly generated perlin noise?


Looks amazing, I’m so excited for this. What is the performance impact looking like with these? Is there one?


I don’t know; I think California could use a bit of moisture right now more than ever…

Speaking of which, is rain anywhere on the roadmap for this feature? And if so, what form would it take? Particle emitters? Screen GUI? Some new, performance-friendly effect we haven’t seen before?


Wow, the clouds have certainly parted letting the sunshine through! (The opposite actually, but still).

Geez the cloud puns are getting out of hand!

I’m glad that things like this can be made possible:

This is Dubai.

I love above-cloud scenery, especially for cities as it shows the towering heights of the buildings. Speaking of heights, we should be able to adjust the height of the clouds, i.e. where they are in terms of altitude. This way, we can set it a bit lower and allow the buildings to really soar!

Although, I hope that the answer to the above isn’t a performance-related restriction of not being able to have the clouds too close to the camera.

I’ve tried to create clouds with particle emitters and smoke and fog before, but let’s not talk about the end result (disastrous). Although I’m not the keenest at post-processing effects, I definitely know that this will be a great assistance. Accurate 3D cloud-generation is much more difficult than you’d think at first.

This is certainly amazing!
Let this be a cousin of Future is Bright.

Keep it up, Roblox! :roblox: :roblox_light:


I hope that in the future we can have more customization over the clouds, such as color & where they are on the Y-axis.


is there any way i can insert it


Can’t wait to see this live! :eyes:

But some things that i want to suggest @ProfessorKJM :

  • Cloud colour (colour gradient too?) changing
  • Cloud animation speed changing and toggleing
  • Cloud mesh canging
  • Precipitations (such as rain or snow)

Thank you!


will there be a property (possibly an enum type) to define the shape? so for instance if i wanted stratus clouds, or cirrus, i could change it? will we be able to procedurally move them? will they be able to move with time? will we be able to color them?


I’ve been looking forward to this feature for a VERY long time! Great work to all involved. However, right away I see some glaring problems with this that really hinder its usefulness (be mindful I wrote this before the DevForum thread was posted, so some things were inevitably covered in the OP):

  • There is no control over the types of clouds you get. In real life, there are many different types of clouds that can form. I don’t want a blob of grey noise in the sky; I want clouds!

  • Clouds NEED atmospheric impact and lighting simulation. If they don’t have it, they just look weird and unnatural. Here are some clouds at sunset, where they should be BLEEDING orange on the side closest to the sun. Instead, they’re just white.

Notice how these clouds are also missing the very bright glow that they should have around their edges when the sun is behind them. Here is an example of what I mean:

Also, this is a minor gripe, but why do clouds look so fuzzy and noisy around their edges?

And now onto minor problems:

  • There is no way to adjust speed of the clouds. By default they move very slowly, I’d like to be able to speed them up or slow them down. If I were making a game where players could speed up or stop time, I wouldn’t want the clouds to keep moving at the same speed.

  • Being able to adjust cloud color is a must! I’m currently working on a space game and I’d like for planets to be able to have different colored clouds.

  • A property to control how high the clouds appear to be would also be nice. If I’m making a dogfighting game like Sleitnick’s “Perilous Skies,” I’d might want the clouds to be much lower in the sky, or even below the horizon.

  • Blob cloud shadows would be e p i c