Easier To Unlock All Features Of Devforum

I am making a game, and a glitch occurred in studio. I can’t get help on it, because I can’t post in the studio bugs section.
I think it should be easier to unlock all features of devforum, because it doesn’t make sense rewarding people for afk-ing to level up. I think it should be that if you read for 0 min, you can’t post/comment anything, 15 min, you can reply, 30 min, post topics in the usual areas, 1 hour, post in the other categories, like studio bugs. I get that the rules are to prevent spam, but also really prevents the usage and helpfulness of the devforum in most cases. A useful tool like this should be able to be used by all, not just those who have a ton of hours on their hands.


The “locked” categories are for TL2 (Regular) and higher. It’s not for hours, it’s for trust. Using the forum correctly, etc, help you get Regular, not hours or post’s liked.

I really really don’t think this is a good idea. You have to get over 1 hour just to get Member, so, it would be wayyyyy longer than that. It would also help bots and other people who don’t know how to use the forum yet spam those categories.


To be able to post in the DevForums (i.e. get member status) yes, you must read a while. This is because the amount of interaction you can achieve without actually interacting is, well… looking.

However, getting regular rank isn’t based on how long you’ve read, rather, it 's based on other parameters such as moderation history and use of post approval (that is now removed.)

Higher ranks aren’t based on time read either and are invite-only, I believe.

Message Roblox staff. They can transfer your topics into #platform-feedback or its subcategories.


If you need to make a bug report, contact Support - Roblox - they can process it fine.

There is a reason these (really limited) checks are in place: the DevForum is (or was in the past) about providing engineers with quality feedback and discussion, and vice versa allowing engineers to communicate directly to developers. Removing that bar weakens both of those tenets of this place.

If you’re unable to complete these very basic activity and contribution checks, then (no offense) this forum might not be the right avenue for you at this stage in your development career. There’s no shame in improvement and self development, and you are not limited in your potential (or support) by not being on this forum, hence why many large game developers have never even posted here, or do not do so now.


Just go to #help-and-support and you should be able to find a way to fix it if you post there.

You really don’t know what you’re talking about, to be honest. Nobody has restricted you from posting in that category, and muting a category is not the same thing as not having the ability to post in a category. Regulars can’t post in #platform-feedback, we can only post in its subcategories. A post has to be moved there by someone above Regular status.

This is because post approval has been removed. This isn’t happening specifically to you. If you want to post something in #platform-feedback’s feature request regions or create a topic under its subcategories, check out @unix_system’s reply.

You are again heavily misinformed. Nobody at the moment can create a topic in #forum-feedback unless you are above Regular. You must post in the subcategories of that category. This was updated a while ago. You can still reply to topics in that category, though, so you technically can post in Forum Feedback.


There should have been a solution to this from the day they yanked post approval. They clearly understood the risks of opening up their forum, why wasn’t there any kind of planning or remedy for the number of problems that people are begging for answers to? I guess at this point all we can hope for is some kind of response sooner rather than later.

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