Easy Datastore - new and easy datastore module

Thank you for giving me feedback, but I disagree with you. My script currently uses the best practices in Roblox.

If there is anything missing, please let me know. I’ve adressed all previous concerns and added them through the implementation.

As for the title, the goal is to catch your attention. But the main focus is the datastore module. So what feedback do you have on the datastore module not the post?

No im sorry but you definitely wrote that and asked it to paste it again :skull:


You do realize, it’s only recommended because it’s what it found for the most recent result(s) right? This compares no where similar to ProfileService.

Your version is simply the same update loop which could be turned into a function, even then is a “basic” datastore system, nor would I use a module for this. At most, I’d change the title to basic datastore class or something.

Incredibly misleading post.

  • Does not work as intended
  • “Best practices” would involve not using AI, and knowing when to use functions
  • Impractical use of threads
  • You put this together in 2 seconds
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A side note, falling on AI for anything is incredibly unreliable. You’d much rather listen to a robot, rather than a community full of Developers that are knowledgeable within various aspects.

By all means, take what AI says with a grain of salt.

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I appologize it seems there are misunderstandings. The module is an extremely robust and easy to use datastore module.

all of the previous replies, such as the one you quoted, are outdated and have already been adressed.

Furhermore, you are incorrect in your understanding of the autosave functionality of easy datastore. Easy datastore requires you call the module.save() function for autosaving whenever a major event has occured. This have multiple benefits in contrast to the autosaving system you suggested.

Easy datastore uses all of the best practices and is created to have an extremely low learning curve. It is efficient to use as you only have to call the three main functions to get it working:




Errr, I’d much rather use my own autosave function. ProfileService is Robust… as in, I can create my own function, and retrieve a Profile with Data content as needed, versus running a yielding GetAsync per data retrieval. (another disadvantage here)

And yet again you’re still using AI for responses… why?


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I appologize but it seems like you do not understand how easy datastore works, yet you spread misinformation so confidently.

i recommend you check out the code for easy module before giving feedback about incorrect functionality.

To clarify for readers, getAsync() is only called once per player

In the case if failures, it will attempt to recall the data for 5 attempts. You can edit the amount of attempts and the time between them in the module.

There are still failsaves and recovery systems for data in the case of all 5 attempts such as using module.save(). Module.save() not only autosaves the data for your users, but also checks if the data you player currently has is outdated. If its outdated, it will assign them the correct data!

This functionality prevents both invalid data from overriding existing data but also automatically fixes invalid data during run time!

Both they and @KrimsonWoIf have lied in the past, and even to me it’s still impressive how @KrimsonWoIf is liyng so hard on the DevForum.

The Roblox DevForum is mean’t to be a formal place to ethically share your creations, discuss about development, help others and report bugs/requests. (I searched in the DevForum Rules if it’s not allowed to clickbait, and haven’t found anything. But I have to clarify the DevForum is not mean’t for this type of lies.)

At least @KrimsonWoIf renamed to make it not considered ‘liyng’, that’s acceptable I think.

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AI responses do not equal endorsement, I don’t know where you get that from.
AI is built on machine learning, which means it will say whatever it’s fed from a large database such as the internet, it never means that Microsoft endorses your module.

I could convince the AI to support war crimes, by your logic that would mean Microsoft also supports war crimes.

Microsoft AI would never support war crimes because it verifies any information it outputs. For reference, it verified that the practices I stated my plugin used were indeed “best practices.” For that reason, it generated a response recommending my module.

Please keep the topic related to the module itself.

To prevent furthrr conflicr, i have editted the post title. Please actually engage with the conflict of the post instead of getting mad at the title.

If you’re not compressing this string, you’re not saving any space. Datastores save your data into JSON already. That’s why you can’t save everything, like Vector3s and Colors.


Except it was in the topic, you stated it in a reply on the topic, not just the title. So if you’re going to get smart, be consistent.

As for the module I find profile service my go to. I see no reason to switch.

My module uses a better autosaving system and has a shorter learning curve.

I’’m not sure about the other functionalities of profile service (because I have only made my own data systems) but I know that mine uses a dictonary and stores the data within the script which is extremely optomized.

Furthermore, mine json encodes and decodes the data to make its size smaller before saving it to datastores.

json encoding and decoding isnt encryption


Im sorry thank you. Those are the terms I meant to use.

Lua Code:

value1 = 100;
value2 = "string";
value3 = {...};

JSON Code:

"value1": 100,
"value2": "string";
"value3": [...];

If JSON was a way to encrypt code, it would’ve been decoded in seconds.

JSON does not encrypt code, it compresses it/ converts it from Lua code to JSON code, ROBLOX does this automatically when saving which is why people use it as a way to check how much data you’re using, rather than a way to save data, because its redundant.

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Anyways my module uses the best practices on ROBLOX! My module has better practices than profile service (particullarly in terms of my autosaving)

My autosave system uses less data than profile services and is significantly more reliable. Its design priotizes critical data over little unimportant things, unlike profile service which does constant autosaves even when the user is in states like AFK!

So, does AFK grinding not concern you? Does your module at least not save when there are no changes to the user’s data?

Autosaves dont use data, they collect it and store it after a certain amount of time.
ProfileService was designed to be reliable, yours is just something you pulled off of Copilot

I would like to see proof of this, because if it did, the DataStore would be the worst thing to ever use because of so many requests.
Thats why you modify its content, and then save.

A DataStore key can only save one thing, so there isnt anything unimportant that should be there.

I honestly don’t know a ton about data saving besides the mere basics so I’m not going to say anything about the general capabilities of the module itself.

I do have one question though, which is why use this module over something like ProfileService or Suphi’s Datastore Module which are both constantly and Suphi’s Datastore Module is also already an “Easy Datastore” and can be made efficiently and be safe in less then 2 minutes. I personally use Suphi’s Datastore and I don’t plan on switching.

Also AI can say anything, I personally use Bing AI too and it is really easy to cheat the system to have it say slurs, Infact it is so easy that will fall for the same trick in the same chain over and over again.