Edeltia || Rank 4 Application [V1]


Edeltian Scout Application (Stage 3 - Rank 4)

Stage 3s must fill out an application to become an Edeltian (Rank 4), below is the application required to be filled in:

-1- What is your timezone?

-2- How did you hear of Edeltia?

-3- What are your skills, and weaknesses?

-4- What are the major positions that are used at the border?

-5- What goals do you wish to accomplish while in Edeltia?

-6- Do you require funding for the groups uniform from the group store? (it costs 10 robux total)

-7- Do you promise to be a law-abiding member of the Edeltian Military and swear the oath of loyalty to the Eternal Overlord?

Once this Application has been filled in/completed, it must be sent to EdeltianAuthority. If you are unable to send it to EdeltianAuthority, you then must send this to an Edeltian General. (one who is accepting applications.)

-Overlord Kroxon
-Edeltian Consul Core

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