Emergency Response: Liberty County is hiring!

The team behind Emergency Response: Liberty County is hiring! We strive to make the most immersive emergency roleplay game on Roblox. In an effort to push out more content and higher quality features, we are hiring several different positions! We’re looking for motivated, skilled, and experienced developers to join our team. If you’re a developer who gives it 200% at everything you do, and who doesn’t stop short of perfection - we want you!

The open positions we’re hiring for are posted below. If you’re qualified, feel free to apply to multiple positions. They are part-time, so you may be able to do more than one.

We keep applications open for all positions, all the time. We will mark those below which we are currently not hiring for with [CLOSED]. However, you are still welcome to apply to those. We will keep and review your application for future reference.

If you would like to apply for a job not listed below, there is a section in our form to write in whatever you’d like to apply for. Please apply for anything you wish as we likely will have a need for you. This may include terrain design, sound FX, game optimization, marketing, etc.

GUI Designer & Programmer:


Gameplay Programmer:


[OLD] Front-End (UI) Programmer:


2D Graphic Designer:






Vehicle Modeler


3D Graphic Designer:


If you need to contact me, please send me a message on the DevForum or email me at hiring@policeroleplay.community


Applications will remain open until we fill the position or we close the position. We will contact you if you are considered for a position. If you are not contacted within 2 weeks, assume your application was denied (keep trying and improving, you’ll get it one day!). Each application will be updated with “CLOSED” in the title once applications are closed.


Updated to include Programmer and Modeler positions.

3D Graphic Designer and Animator positions have been re-opened with new requirements and pay ranges.