[Empire Entertainment] GFX Artist, UI, Scripter (Closed)

Empire Entertainment is currently in need of some work done on the game called “Battle Art”
The work is commission-based. We pay USD per work done as a whole.
We need a GFX Artist, UI Designer. In terms of scripting, we are not in need of scripting the whole game, looking only specifically to script the UI. (If the UI designer is able to script all of the UI, we will pay extra)
The prices are negotiable and we will discuss them based on the work that will be needed.
For more information please contact me through discord: Hydorr#8063
For some clarification or some minor things, feel free to msg on DevForums though I prefer Discord.
Thank You and stay strong out there.


Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] NabeelPlays' Portfolio
Discord: NabeelPlays#0051

Interested in working for you. :smile:

Hello! I’m Em, a ROBLOX graphics designer, and I am 100% interested in this position. I am 15 years old, turning 16 in January, and have over 4 years of experience. Here are some big achievements I have done:

  • Obby King Remastered
    -Little Dreamies Daycare
    -Rainbow Reef Ice Cream
    -and a few more!

I hope you are interested, and if you are, here is my portfolio.

Discord: emm#1546

Username: QueenOfStyIe

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