Enabling CanTouch doesn't trigger .Touched event

I have a trap tile that is supposed to hurt players when they touch it, inside it I have the typical hurtscript with .Touched:Connect if humanoid health -= whatever.

By default CanTouch property of the tiles is set to false, and when I need I turn it true.
The issue is
If the player is already standing on the tile when cantouch is enabled, and doesn’t move after that, he doesnt get hurt at all

If player steps on AFTER CanTouch is enabled, he does get hurt, or if he moves on the tile. But if he stands still, nothing happens.

I’ve done this kind of thing before, and I distinctly remember, that when CanTouch was turned on, .Touched event fired for everything that was already touching it even before it was enabled.

Am I doing something wrong or has something changed?

.Touched:connect() fires once after the part is touched, so just add a loop that will continuously deal damage until the player leaves the part.

Bc player is standing on it, roblox touch system works if the part actually moves then touch the part.

Maybe use Region3.

Region3 has been deprecated.