Enabling Discord Overlay: intergrating Voice Chat/secondary chat


It seems a lot of people don’t know how to enable the updated Discord overlay with ROBLOX. Since we’re officially able to put links for 13+ and the overlay is pure awesomeness, figured I’d show you the magic:

  • Launch any ROBLOX game (this is important, as Discord doesn’t seem to keep track of settings for ROBLOX unless it’s currently in use)
  • Go to Discord -> User Settings near Mic/Headphone mute -> Game Activity
  • MAKE SURE YOU ACTIVELY PLAYING ROBLOX! Otherwise it won’t work. Click enable Overlay for the Now Playing ROBLOX
  • Give it a second, and Discord should inform you in the top left corner that overlay is enabled in-game

This allows you to easily utilize Discord’s op voice/text in-game with much ease. Since we’re allowed to put Discord links in an official section of our games, you can inform your Communities on how to enable the overlay for additional ease of accessing these features.


Good idea, It’d be cool if Roblox allowed us to integrate games with Discord, so we could make custom rich presnse for our games, etc. I can’t make feature requests, so it’d be good if someone made it for me!


Oh sad, Discord Overlay isn’t available for mac yet :frowning:


Will definitely make a Feature Request on this when I have the time. As an alternative, an server application could be made to communicate the required information from HttpService to intergrate with, though it’d definitely require some work.


Not a good practice for Rich Presence even if you did somehow make it work, considering it requires you to download the SDK. It works when directly integrated into the game.

Regardless I don’t see roblox having that at the top of their priority to-do list for a while.


I agree, Roblox would have to go and make their own service for it and implement it in the back end. When I talked with them at RDC 2017 they said that they were planning on making their own voice chat service, if anything.


I might do that and then release in in #learning-resources:community-tutorials-resources


Never said it was a good practice, but knowing ROBLOX it’ll probably be the only way for a good long while. Besides, it’d be a fun experiment


It is not possible as far as I’m aware to manually update RichPresence for different clients unless you are logged into the client locally. You can’t update RichPresence for Roblox because the SDK needs to be integrated into the roblox client build.


Okay, thanks. I haven’t looked to see if it was possible, so thanks for telling me.



Well … I was thinking more along the lines of creating a “game proxy” application which ran on a server intergrating the SDK into it for a specific game. You could use this application as a base and communicate with it via HttpService, but you’d have to register it for your specific game. Not practical yes I know, but again doubt it will be natively implemented into ROBLOX for a long while if at all.


Discord should remove the Roblox from their blacklist, so de can use the httpservice with discord webhooks again



No they shouldn’t, and it’s cause of how HttpService works. HttpService is not compatible with respecting Discord’s ratelimits, thus the ban. Discord itself has nothing against with hooking up with ROBLOX, they simply want their ratelimits to be followed, thus recommend we use a proxy to make our requests compatible. Read the above thread on how to do something like that

Edit: forgot that the ban was before HttpService supporting headers. Not sure if it’s still not compatible, but a lot of the requests from ROBLOX servers were invalid/abusive (whether intentionally or not). Still, they won’t unban and recommend a proxy