Enabling Players to Join any Place in your Experience

Having this off now means that you can’t join sub places’ servers if you have the link of the sub place anymore? Because this unexpected behaviour happens (if the servers aren’t reserved) and I hope is removed with this update.


Some good work, this is a good update


This is ALMOST a good new feature but it’s for all the places or only root place.
I beg you, add advanced settings to be able to choose which place can be reached and others not.
In my games I sometimes need to prevent access to certain secret places.


Ah, this announcement sounds like they worked on this issue

Very cool!


Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback.

A ton of your comments are on adding the ability to toggle joins for individual places. We hear you, and I’m excited to say that we’ll be working on this moving forward. Look out for an update that makes this possible in the future. I can’t say definitively when that’ll happen yet, but stay tuned.


this took roblox 6+ years to enable since i saw first post asking for that feature to be back…


Hi sam (and also the others with similar comments) - thanks for this feedback. I can’t promise anything concrete yet, but I’ve forward all the comments here on this topic with the people who can make this happen so that we can make sure this avenue for exploits is addressed.


Awesome! Looking forward to enabling this in my games when that’s available, it’ll be a huge help for organizing events without being at the mercy of TeleportService making new servers all the time.


ironically this will be a little iffy for people who have “unprotected” test servers.
it is a good update though, i was getting rather annoyed of being locked out of my own test servers.


I think this is great and as long as it’s somthing we can toggle I think this will really help however what would be even better if its not already like this is being able to choose what places we can allow them to join for.


finally a good update!!!


YES! I find it annoying to work with multiple places especially testing in-game when I have to go from one place to the next.

What if I want to work with teleport data? Usually when having multiple places, teleporting to a place from the root place with data can be important. Since now the teleport can be skipped.

since you dont appear to be doing that already (which you should, for a couple of reasons) have default values. This is not something roblox should or needs to care about

@tareyza Hi, can this be addressed please

Read this man’s comment Roblox!