ENet v1.0 🛜 release!

Also how optimized is this compared to other networking Modules?

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I have not did any bench marking / tests with other modules so I would not know

The whole point of a hash is that it’s impossible to decrypt.

It takes little work to not only make the HashUtility module not publicly accessible to clients (and have the server behave as an intermediate), but to simply add large stacks that is ignored at run-time, but breaks any script decompiler to make it just that much harder.

Not to mention, stated several times by now, hashes aren’t “decryptable”. They are unique identifiers that cannot be predicted. Sure, have at it. Hook on the function, but as I said a couple of posts up, it’s not hard to make that hard.

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Thats why i put decrypt in quotes because im just getting your text before it gets hashed

Not today because exploits are having tons of vulns that allow you to install malware or even worse get your .ROBLOSECURITY token so maybe after a real exploit releases that fixes all that bs

Right now its a big adventage for roblox devs as they can detect free exploits very quick without that method getting patched instantly (aka free exploit devs don’t care about those vulns or can’t fix them)

You can also just put all of that on the server so you’re not even able to get the original text, just the hashed output of it. It’s a rather intuitive design that all security-oriented scripts should lean on.

Not necessarily. There are exploits out there that work with desktops that don’t do any shady BS…such as Krampus. I know Wave exists (Codex’s desktop cheats) but I’m not sure on its legitimacy.

Even the more advanced ones can still be detected. Lua has its caveats and as long as the dev knows about them accordingly, almost anything can be detected.

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