Enforce the Global Rule 8.2

So I’ll get straight to the chase. Yesterday, during the heat of the experience change discussions, all of my posts were mass-flagged by users who didn’t agree with my POV. This has happened to a few other people that I am aware of. Because of this, all posts from yesterday besides 2 were removed. I wouldn’t have even known about it if it wasn’t for my friends letting me know about it, as shown here:


All of the posts were in compliance with the rules and were within the topic of the discussion. This is against the forum rules (Global Rule 8.2 - Do not abuse the Flag system to maliciously hide posts). I also have never received feedback on any of the removed posts so even if they were against the rules, I am unsure how they were against the forum rules.

If Roblox were to solve this issue, the forum would be a lot safer to navigate and use without worrying that you might get removed off the platform because some people dislike you. People would also be less reluctant to target users if the rule was to be enforced more often.


Yeah, mass-flagging is very annoying.

The problem is that the moderation team are understaffed to the point where it takes a whole hour for an off-topic thread to be removed.

Though, if you made like 10 posts on one thread then I can see why people flagged your posts.

However, if people are just going through your profile and flagging everything…then that’s an actual problem and it’s a bit creepy aswell.


Most of the posts from yesterday weren’t even part of the discussion. They were either discussions in this category or in other posts at #development-discussion. This is a huge problem as there are some people that show clear dislike to me in their responses to me and it might encourage others to target people they don’t like if they don’t enforce this kind of rule breaking


People have been quite literally flagging many to most normal, completely reasonable replies of said Discussion, usually if said reply was simply being against a certain point of view/ side of opinions.

Every DevForum member, be it both new or regulars, should have the right to share their opinions, as long as those do not violate any actual Rules, the posts flagged in said Discussion have not been breaking any rules, well at-least to my limited knowledge.


Hm…well since moderation is a bit useless at the moment, the only thing you can do about the stalking problem is to just stop making posts completely for a while.

If there’s no posting activity from your profile for a while, the stalkers will just get bored and move on.

The stalkers are human also, so I doubt they’ll keep checking back looking for something to flag.

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Almost makes a person wonder if there wasn’t some way to have a private forum where they didn’t just let everyone in.

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that might just as well be only one (small?) of many contributing factors.

Edit: Anyway, I’m done here…

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It’s not even a stalker issue. It’s just users trying to get others off their platform because “my opinion best opinion and you need to shut up forever”. This will only give them what they want and I’m not the type of person to bend the knee to people like that.

There is a stalking issue on the forum tho, it’s just not what I have experienced yesterday.

There is and there are some forums that already are running along with the devforum.

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I concur, this has happened to me to some degree but also to other people I know. Seems like most people who do this are usually bootlickers aswell.

Lol, but for real the forum has taken a massive hit to quality and moderation when they opened the flood gates.


I only experienced this once (asked a question but people thought it was a threat). But yeah, I don’t like this imbalance of under flagging and over flagging.

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The example post @ItsKoiske showed is one of the many innocent posts flagged by the community, even though it didn’t break any of the community guidelines.

I have been an active user since January, and I have never seen an innocent post get flagged until last night, when dozens of posts by the creator of the “why is games now experiences” website bug topic got unfairly flagged (some of them did contain profanity but even that isn’t against the rules).

It’s probably just something weird going on and the moderators will fix it soon.

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Well as @orangewarrior78 said

Personally I think that this is the main factor of why posts don’t get feedback as much anymore. The staff has to go through day to day taking down posts that are off topic, so much so that they have to probably assume that most of those posts are off topic when they might not be.

Today in development discussion land, ALL of the recent topics are off-topic/better suited elsewhere.

There are records being sent, and I think that until the devforum staff gets a sizable increase, I don’t think they can research each flag on a case to case basis, it’s unfortunately unreasonable :frowning:

I mean yeah I know but when your posts get deleted you still get the automated “your post was taken down by staff” but I didn’t even get those. This isn’t the main topic at hand tho, so please don’t focus on just this.


To be fair, #bug-reports are public. I don’t agree with the flags (except maybe against the OP), but they were technically justified on some of the posts.


I may also agree with this. One time I had posted to development discussion about an a/b testing feature on the website for the games page. But for whatever reason, a post that had a decent amount of traction, and a good like span without anything rulebreaking was flagged! Worst of all, it was approved to be deleted by Roblox.

I had not posted anything rulebreaking, I was simply discussing how the Roblox website change could affect developers. Unfortunately, the post had been flagged. As well as that, another post someone had made about the situation continued to remain up, giving me the suspicion that someone or the author of the post could have flagged my post maliciously to give his thread (which was posted later than mine) more traction than mine. It’s a shame how this forum has fallen to where people will try to remove your threads in an attempt to get their thread of the same topic more views.

I really hope this rule gets enforced, because I’m tired of my threads being flagged for no reason.

I don’t know much about what happened earlier this week but I don’t think it’s very constructive to refer to people who don’t share your opinion as “bootlickers” or other derogatory terms, this doesn’t really promote a positive discussion environment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you should respect that.

About the flags: I don’t buy into the fact that this is a select group of people mass-flagging your post. It is way more likely that, because the post is controversial, it receives way more attention and so the likelihood of a post being flagged multiple times is much higher since there are more users watching the thread.

I recommend just reaching out to @DevEngagementTeam saying you have concerns your posts were flagged maliciously/incorrectly multiple times and they can look into it and act if anything does seem to be going wrong there. This doesn’t appear to be a structural forum problem to me, most of the times I see a hidden post it seems correctly hidden.


Yeah, it is annoying when users have done nothing wrong. You’re just leaving your opinion and I really don’t know why people are having such a big issue with it that they need to flag it.

Happens the same to me today. I happily woke up with 5 messages of my (like I answered to a question about Roblox Support and I responded that they need to improve) posts being removed :slight_smile: