Engine sound moderated

Hello there fellow developers. I just tried uploading an engine sound to Roblox only to be hit with a warning for uploading “Distorted” audio. It clearly is not distorted. I did not edit the volume/distortion in any way. All I did was make it a loop. It is supposed to be an engine sound for one of my buses. Here is the sound file I tried uploading. I’m guessing the moderator who listened to it had his/her volume on too high?

I don’t want to go through the hassle of trying appeals since most of the time they don’t cooperate with us.


Sometimes this happens, but the only way to get this fixed is to contact Roblox Support. The moderators here are not here to approve assets, but to moderate the forum and keep it on topic.

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I know the forum mods are different from the asset moderators just that I have heard stories before of people who tried support and ended up getting nowhere.

Roblox Asset Moderation can be dumb sometimes, but I recommend sending a message to Roblox Support.

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Just done that now. And got the usual automatic response that it has been recieved. Will update you guys on the situation.

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Its good that they’re trying to suppress the ear assaults going on with audio these days. But… you get caught in the crossfire while there are so many ‘songs’ getting through that are created for the sole purpose of being loud and annoyingly distorted. Players think its so funny walking around with their radios just trying to make other players ears bleed and force them to mute.

I hope you get your audio approved or a refund!

Read Global Rule 19, you can appeal moderated assets.

I’m not gonna lie, it does sound distorted. It sounds like an engine noise with static playing, so I see where they are coming from.

You can always appeal though.

Okay. Thanks for all your advice. My current plan is that if support fail then I will try Mod revew requests and see what they will do. Then as a final resort try and edit the audio maybe simply reducing the volume so whoever listens to it cannot use the excuse of “distorted” then just modify the volume in-game.

Well it’s been a few days and I have heard nothing from support. Will give it a few more days then I will turn to mod review requests over here.

Please contact support for issues such as these.