[EOL] PreloadService - Customizable way to load assets via ContentProvider [v2]

Hey everybody,

Thought I’d give one last update on this topic.

In short: PreloadService is being discontinued.

I started PreloadService for fun as a simple loading module. For Version 2, I wanted something new. I decided that I should try making an admin panel for it. Display many useful statistics about how your game is loading.

Unfortunately, it was extremely half baked. It was buggy, it looked bad, and features have been missing since day 1.

When starting the development of v3, I decided that I wasn’t playing around anymore. No more bugs, no missing features.

However, the thought of why entered my mind. Why do we need a panel for a module made for beginners? Why do we need support for plugins if it’s just a loading module? It seems like my idea of a loading module has finally gone too far. That’s why I’m continuing PreloadService Admin through Administer.

Administer will follow the same basics as PreloadService did. Free, open source, easy to use.

It will be easy insert, with in-panel settings and admin configuration. And, my favorite feature: easy-insert plugins and plugin servers. With Administer, you’ll be able to insert plugins from anywhere by anybody with Plugin Servers, all automatically updating and using a highly configurable open API. That means there’s no need for a forum or DevForum topic. The code for plugin servers will be on GitHub so you can start your own!

I’m super excited for the future with Administer and see how it all builds out. Just keep in mind this will likely take me a long time to fully complete everything I have planned, because there is zero payment for me, but please do stay tuned.

Note: If you would like to keep PreloadService, it’ll still be available as a plugin for Administer!


Keep up I can’t wait for Administer and PreloadService plugin !

Hello everybody,

I just got the chance to push 2.4. Nothing new, just bumping the version number ( was too long), and added some small things.

I added this warning to the More page:

I updated the logo to one I had commissioned by a friend a few months ago now (itll be in the Administer plugin), and I also disabled version checking.

Anyways, here is another preview into Administer:

I can’t wait to share the final build with everybody, stay tuned. I’m one person, there is no team behind Administer, so it’ll be a while before it sees the light of day, but I promise it’s coming.


Any ideas for TopbarPlus support with this?


That would likely come in with an official plugin, unless the demand for native support is high.


Looks sweet, was their a localized version of this module to use to connect to multiple servers?

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It was never added into the final v2 of PreloadService. There is a Player Management screen but it only works for showing basic info, none of the buttons work. I suggest waiting for me to finish Administer.

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Hi all,

Happy new years!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates here. PreloadService is extremely broken at this point and I’m not supporting it so there has been nothing for me to post about. Soon, I’ll request to have this thread locked.

Administer is getting closer to being done. I have a lot of the internal and external infrastructure setup. Here’s what it looks like so far:

There’s still a lot of rough edges and incomplete parts - but I promise I’m working on it. I hope to have something by the end of May I can share.

Thank you all for your extended support! If you want to keep up with development, I post stuff to my Twitter (@darkpixlz) every so often, so follow me there for more frequent updates!

when is this gonna be complete? i’ve been waiting a while now

Soon! It’s taking a bit because I’m trying to polish it and there’s a lot of new features in store (even ones I haven’t covered before). I had originally promised “something by may” but I don’t see that happening now. It won’t be very much longer, but it’s not complete. I’ll post here when it’s out in some medium (beta or final). Even if it is beta, I’m not going to let any bugs slip through that I can’t find so hopefully it’ll be a smooth experience.


I’ve been meaning to make an update here, thanks for the reminder.

A few days back I finished the last fully lacking part of Administer - the homepage widgets. With that complete, the actual client is mostly complete and ready for production minus the QA which I’ll have done on it. Here are a few screenshots:

That video was recorded a few days back now and since I’ve patched a lot of issues with it (like the snapping and overlap). It’s been a while mostly because I’m going to prefect every aspect of it - and that takes way longer than anything PreloadService was able made to do.

With the client mostly done my priorities are now shifting to building out the AppAPI, making apps, and QA testing it to make sure it’s awesome for anybody who uses it. I’m still totally open to feedback - feedback is an amazing thing and it’s never too late to give me some! I’m hoping for something out to the public by the end of the summer hopefully - and I mean it this time. I stopped giving regular updates to this thread because it seemed like nobody cared but maybe if there’s a lot of demand I’ll start back up again. Once again, you can mostly find stuff on my Twitter and the dev branch of the GitHub. Once again thank you for your prolonged patience and support for everything! It truly means a lot to me and I’m dedicated to delivering an amazing product for everybody.

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Also moving forward I’ll make the Trello board public so anybody can drop in and check our progress so far. Check it out here:

For more transparency, I just pushed the last lacking bit of the client. Should be clear to work on adding as many apps as possible now.

Keeping it coming with demand. The main App Server has just been rewritten in FastAPI and should be better than the old Flask one using a cloud database. More to come soon, this is just the start.