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About Me

Hello! I am Eradite, and I am a Graphic/Render artist here on Roblox. I’ve been making GFX for around 2 years now.






Soviet Army




random guy watching spongebob

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Space Accident




The Flash



All payment is Negotiable!
Robux and USD are accepted.
Prices for Thumbnails start at R3500+ or $12.25
Prices for Logos Start at R1500+ or $5.25
Prices for Ads start at R1000+ or $3.50
These prices can all rise due to the complexity of the request


I can work Monday-Friday from 4:00 PM PST to 8:00 PM PST due to schoolwork.

On weekends, I can fully work and most likely complete a GFX.

I usually take 3-5 days to complete multiple GFXs or 2-3 days if there’s only 1 or 2 to be made.

The amount of time I take depends on the complexity of the GFX


MY DISCORD - eradite/angelo#1717

This is my only way of contact.

Thanks for looking at my portfolio and have a nice day! :slight_smile:


These graphics are quite cute, good luck on getting some customers!
You may want to revise your payment in order to get customers and stay within the GFX market as a main competitor.


Thanks for the feedback! By revising do you mean lowering?

Short Answer:

Long Answer:
It isn’t meant as an insult but I personally think that except from the rate that you are able to produce GFX at, charging 5k+ for some of those thumbnails isn’t as good value as maybe other graphics artists. If you want some more customers perhaps, you should lower your prices slightly which will allow you to get some more practice.

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Ah ok, I understand. I’ll revise the prices soon, thanks.

Imo I think that the prices for the thumbnails are fine. I would purchase a thumbnail from you personally. I have a suggestion though, create the faces by your own, realistic looking like the second and third pictures. They look way better as it gives those ROBLOX characters an expression. Also I suggest you also add more effects to it, like the first 5 pictures. I will take as an example your “Space Accident” graphic. As you can see you have given a small motion blur to the astronaut which makes him look like he is slowly moving away from his ship, that is really cool. I can also notice a lens flare coming from the Earth’s horizon which is really cool too! And you actually kind of blurred the Earth which makes it look even better too because it puts the astronaut in focus and the lighting is very good! Lighting is very important. However I do not like the last 3 thumbnails though, they do not look that good. And for the renders, they are all awesome in my opinion, I have a suggestion though. In the first render of you, the characters look really unrealistic (the characters do not seem put well on the grass), the lighting isn’t that great too. As you can see the sun is behind the first render’s back, but the render’s shadow is on his back. Overall I think you should just practice lighting more as it is a really important aspect.

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Thanks! I appreciate your constructive criticism. I will take the advice to better improve in the future.

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Nice work! I’m a graphics artist as well and I hope to see more of your work in the future!

Your price ranges should be based entirely on your needs and desires. Work at a rate that both you and your clients are comfortable with :slight_smile: There is no need to reduce prices unless you are experiencing a significant lack of customers, which is usually a good sign that you are charging too much per graphic.

However, in my opinion, the prices you have specified seem a bit expensive compared to the skill level/graphics quality you are currently at. I would suggest a price range of 1k+ for icons and 2k+ for thumbnails, but again, it depends on what you are acceptable with and the amount of commissions you are receiving.

Good luck!


Nice work on this portfolio! I’m very fond of this image.SorceressGraphicWatermarked


Nice to get feedback from other artists. Thanks! I’ll be adjusting prices as time moves on. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed making that one, I am glad you like it. :smiley:

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Updated prices and added thumbnails! :slight_smile:

These graphics are fantastic! Good luck to you! :smiley:

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Update: Added some advertisements to this portfolio.