Error with position

No. If you screenshot your explorer I can take a look. I would also like the full script. I can solve this issue easily.

I experienced the same, Check if you are play testing your game that model still has a PrimaryPart. Probably not.

I made this workaround in my code

if yourModel.PrimaryPart == nil then
	if yourModel:FindFirstChild("PK") then
		yourModel.PrimaryPart = yourModel:FindFirstChild("PK")
if yourModel.PrimaryPart ~= nil then
	primaryPart = yourModel.PrimaryPart;

-- do stuff with primaryPart

You might wonder what PK is? Well, its a CanCollideFalseInvisble1,1,1 brick which is welded to my model. It allows better precision if you have some kind of game where you can build stuff, Otherwise its a great workaround for this unreliable PrimaryPart.

You could also automate the PK if you are lazy with

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I gtg to sleep I’ll send u tomorrow

So as requested

Screenshot (29)

so this is screenshot before I test the game

Screenshot (31)

This is when I test the game

Is it some sort of bug??

Make sure you the children of your DoorModel have the PrimaryPart

You can check if your models have set the PrimaryPart:

for i , v in pairs(doorparent:GetChildren()) do
   if v.PrimaryPart and (Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position - v.PrimaryPart.Position).Magnitude < 5 then
     --[ your code here

I think I found the problem.I think because I enabled the StreamingEnabled and set the min radius to 64 and some of the model are outside the radius that makes the model disappear.So is there any way to prevent this from happening??