Errors in Chat.ChatModules.FriendJoinNotifier on production

This seems to have occurred briefly a few hours ago, I haven’t seen any of these errors in the past 3 hours. Probably an issue of web services being down and the ChatModules not properly catching the errors resulting from it.

Not sure if this is exactly related, but my gameanalytics errors panel is being spammed with this:

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Also seeing this. It is a little worrying that these erroneous changes keep managing to find their way past internal QA and right onto production. This is the third or fourth time that the chat scripts have been spamming errors across the entire platform at such a high rate.

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I’ll add do that that the first entry on this error was first seen at Oct 19, 2017, 11:06:01 PM (UTC+2).

Still getting this - any ideas on when this might be fixed? :slight_smile:

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Also getting this on phantom forces
it’s kind of annoying to have it spammed in console

just changed a setting that should stop this error. Does require new servers to stop the error, so you might see this for the next 24 hours or so.


Sorry to bump this thread; not too worrying but around 2/3 times a day I get this error in my Gameanalytics bug tracking:

Bump again. I get a similar error that prints very frequently on the log:
It seems to happen a lot in the start place of my game, where players are teleported to another place in the game when they choose the game mode they want to play, if that can help.

I think the error has lessened for sure, but I still see it in our logs:

ServerScriptService.ChatServiceRunner: message=HTTP unknown error (HttpError: ConnectFail), trace=Chat.ChatModules.FriendJoinNotifier, line 46

Does anyone else see these errors? Since it’s rare-ish I’m not sure what impact it has on the player experience, but I hate to see errors in general.

For the last few weeks we have been seeing about 4k instances of these errors per day in our logs:

ServerScriptService.ChatServiceRunner: message=HTTP 429, trace=Chat.ChatModules.FriendJoinNotifier, line 46

ServerScriptService.ChatServiceRunner: message=Chat.ChatModules.FriendJoinNotifier:45: HTTP 429, trace=Chat.ChatModules.FriendJoinNotifier, line 45 - function TrySendFriendNotification
Chat.ChatModules.FriendJoinNotifier, line 57

Since it is the same line as the above report, I thought I’d include it in case it’s helpful to Roblox support but I think it’s unrelated to the issues in this thread. I believe the cause is due to the fact we have a lot of short sessions on one of our servers, causing a lot of attempts to send friend notifications. I’m going to disable friend notifications on these servers and see if the problem goes away.

Just wanted to circle back here (this got a lot of attention) - should be fixed. Anyone still having issues?