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Modern Administration Yet Finest


Essential is a private administration system that allows administrators and super administrators to have easy and complex control over the game. Currently Essential features about 30+ commands and several components from basic utilities to highly sensitive stuff for developers.

My Inspiration

Before I created Essential, my first words were “What admin system is there that has roles with specific permissions you can assign and commands with proper cooldown?” Around April of 2021, I began gathering ideas from SimpleAdmin, a simple admin suite created by @crywink, and Adonis, a complex admin but yet feature-packed made by @Davey_Bones and his Adonis contributors, including me, on what makes an admin system good. One idea from SimpleAdmin was creating roles with permissions. Another idea, which came from a different admin system, Commander, created by @7kayoh was the simplicity of user interface. Third idea from Adonis was the ban people itself was the ability to game ban people (unfortunately was not quite good at the time of 2021). Of course, there are more ideas I might’ve taken elsewhere but these ideas are the main points of how Essential was created. Then, I asked myself, “If I could combine simple and complex, what admin system would that be?” At that point, after a month of doing research and gathering ideas from different admin systems, I created Essential.


  • End-to-end remote encryption
  • Datastore data compression + encryption
    • Encryption is available only with some methods
  • Role Management
  • Player Utility
    • Ping, rejoin (via command or on the top right corner of their screen), & mute on AFK
    • In respect of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), players are allowed to clear their player data, even activity logs
    • Notepad
    • Client settings (still in WIP)
  • Multi-functional alias system
    • Group (aka Action) aliases
    • Custom command aliases
  • Keybinds
    • Multiple-set triggers. For instance, Alt + R = :rejoin
    • Hold duration: An amount of seconds to hold the keybind before triggering (Good use to prevent accidental presses)
  • Shortcuts
    • Buttons to trigger commands or action aliases on the top right corner of your screen
  • Console bar (for both mobile and PC so that mobile doesn’t get left out)
  • Command box (also known as CommandX)
  • Rate-limit system (almost everywhere in the client-to-server and server-to-client networks)
  • Music system
  • Datastore system
    • Processed through queues
    • Table insertions/deletions
    • Value manipulation
  • Administration
    • Activity logging (times when player left and joined). This is all logged in one category of logs: Activity.
    • Ban system
      • Save in datastore or server
      • Multiple time customization from seconds to years (e.g. 1y30d - 1 year & 30 days)
    • Admin Dashboard (coming soon and in the WIP)
    • Mute & Deafen system: Mute their chat and/or hide their chat
    • Warning system
  • Command processing
    • Different argument types
      • Time
      • Date
      • True/False
      • Players
        + more…
    • Player, server, and cross-player cooldown (90% accurate)
    • Debounces (90% accurate)
    • Whitelists & Blacklists
    • Specific roles and/or permissions
  • Roles
    • Priority level
    • Permissions
    • List of members (dynamic or manual)
      • Group members
      • Badges
      • Gamepasses
      • Assets
      • Subscriptions
      • Roblox Premium
    • Ability to save in the player’s player data (if Role.Saveable property allows
    • Hide from lists and/or hide from lower ranks
  • Reserved servers
    • Players are able to rejoin (regardless of their admin level)
    • Management (coming soon and still in WIP)
      • Invites only
      • Ability to make the server open to everyone
      • Max players
      • Whitelists and/or blacklists
      • Shutdown
  • Message system
    • Contexts (small, flexible messages)
    • Detailed Context (coming soon)
    • Bubbles (small and in the middle messages)
    • Regular Messages (center of the screen)
    • Hints (deprecated; medium-size messages on the top middle of the screen)
  • Private Message & Direct message systems
    • Server and/or outside of the server
    • Direct Message system allows moderators/administrators to leave messages to people even if they’re offline. Once they’re online and join the game, they will receive direct messages from others.
  • Networking system (client-to-server and server-to-client)
    • Optional end-to-end remote encryption
    • Random name obfuscation (but still identifiable with the Public Id attribute)
    • Specific whitelists
    • Remote commands
    • Optional Firewall
      • Block/ban player who attempt to send malicious/unknown commands to the network
  • Main Networking System
    • Distributable with 40 networks
    • Each player is assigned to 1 in 40 of the main networks
  • Slash Comamnds
  • _G System

+ more features…


Action Aliases


CC Aliases/Names




Commands List

Side note: This preview was shown during the working development of the new List UI in Essential. Sorry about the text wrapping issue. Also a couple commands like :aeprotectlogs are from plugins I made in Essential.

RobloxPlayerBeta_0lMsKRTblz.mp4 - Google Drive

Banning a player

RobloxPlayerBeta_gSAM1AD9mZ.mp4 - Google Drive

Reference links

Target Selectors | Changelog | Ban System

If you would like to see a live demonstration of Essential, you can visit my friend @DandanPH 's Rocket Cart.

Before joining the live demo game..

The command to see the list of Essential commands in his game is e/cmds. Your experience in the admin system is limited with the basic utilities. While you encounter the live demonstration of Essential (you’ll notice it loaded in your client when you see the E Topbar icon on the top right of your screen), you may notice that e/cmds loads in the Adonis List UI. Adonis List UI is currently used as a temporary list UI for Essential while the new List UI is still in development.


Currently Essential Admin is still WIP (Work In Progress) and closed source. There are some bugs that may occur rarely in the system. I have been asked a few times by some of my friends about making this open source. Essential needs to add several more features before opening it to the public.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Looks cool! Great job – love to see that you took inspiration from SimpleAdmin. I’d suggest making it open source so people can contribute features and bug fixes.


Oh, yes. I have not been experienced with Rojo and other Roblox linting tools for your idea just yet. Eventually upon the day I make the code open source, I will be in touch with your idea.