Event firing twice inside tool?

I dont think its server sided i think its client sided since the problem that comes with it is the number of times it was fired
and yes send us the script we can hardly debug

I fixed it, god this realization hit me hard, because all player are using the same event, the damage was multiplied by how much player was in the server. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me.

That doesn’t matter, if you fired one remote 4 times it won’t effect the damage of the tool.

It isnt the damage of the tool but rather the number of times that the humanoid took the damage

It is working as intended now.

Then there is an issue on how the script gives the damage ,not the remote itself.

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When firing the server with client specific values like damage/multipliers etc. send them from the client to the server as additional arguments to “FireServer()” otherwise damage/multipliers will just be shared by all players within the server script.

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