Every script or function interacting with CoreGUI [ Reupload ]

Hello everyone,

I were posted a post about every function interacting with CoreGUI but I didn’t got the answer I want so I wanted to post this again. I actually want to get descandants of CoreGUI, not to delete them. Any help would be appriciated.

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I don’t think functions are descendants, if you want to see all the core gui functions go to the wiki

I’ll fix my post, thanks! But getting descendants neither seemed to be working.

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This didn’t helped me, so I decided to post this. Still thanks.

That’s out dated, you can’t access code GUI with a local script unless-you use memory checks witch also access core GUI

This one should give you a better understanding of core GUI so you can access it. Hope it helps @GamebringerDev

But there is a way to get a stable memory usage amount? I dont want to kick players for false reasons.

Yes, use get total memory for tag, I’ve used this and patched script injections all together but it won’t work 100% of the time but it definitely helps.

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There is a script or something for the memory spikes amount that a exploit makes?

Yeah, but it’s client sided and can be easily disabled. And make sure to set it over 15 so it won’t cause false positives, also just kick or crash the player don’t ban.