Everything except the baseplate is unanchored

I clicked anchored, yet it is unanchored. The only thing that is anchored is the baseplate.

I tried using F3X and Normal Roblox Studio, but nothing seems to work.
I’m not even sure how to make this detailed.
If you can, contact me on discord so I get notifications. Blu the Budgie#1451

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Try restarting Roblox Studio, if that doesn’t work, restart your computer. If even that doesn’t work, redownload Roblox Studio. If after all of this and it’s still bugged, post it as a bug report. Here’s a post giving guidelines on how to make one.

It would be great if you could record and share a video showcasing the bug.

It didn’t work, I thought it did but putting ANYTHING on the baseplate will make it unanchored.


Sorry for the low quality, I had to use medal since OBS didn’t let me record for some reason.

I already checked in the Properties tab, both can collide and anchored are on.

Im pretty sure you’re talking about plugins. Which in this case, wouldn’t create a script to unanchor all parts every random interval.

Use script search for anything unanchoring it!

I’m not using any scripts. I used the classic baseplate though, which seemed to break it. With the normal baseplate, it seems to work. Thanks anyway!