[$]Experienced UI Artist Needed

Devenit Studios is looking for an experienced UI Artist to make UI Assets for an upcoming project. You don’t need to script anything just create the UIs. My timeframe is 1 week… no later than 2 weeks.

Game Map

ST Test Map - Roblox

I already have some of the assets created, but the rest of the assets need to be completed. Unless… starting from scratch is better for you.



I’m going to need several different UIs: Shop, Backpack, Quests, Pets, Codes, Settings
I want the style of the UIs to have a similar design to the examples below.



Payment will be $USD only and how you get paid is based on quality and how fast it is completed. [$150-$250] – prices are always negotiable.


Please contact me on discord – Devenit#2588

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I have sent you a friend request on discord. The name is BK

Hey, I checked out your game and the UI you’re asking for is pretty basic. I do higher quality UI and am willing to work on this job. I ALSO IMPORT at extra fees (can be included in final payment).

If you are to hire me for the job, I would be revamping all the UI. I’d be requesting higher end on the payment and a bit more time. Here’s my portfolio link: EGOTISMS: The leading UI/UX Designer [AVAILABLE FOR BRAND DEALS & MORE]. Please check out all of my UI showcase works.

Should you choose to hire me, my Discord is V.#8916. See you soon.

Hi! Im interested i have added you on discord! (Essie#0001)

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