Explorer [Selection and Navigation Beta]

DeFactoCepti mentioned it before, but we have a ton of work coming in this area very soon, I think we’re just waiting to flip some flags (We might even have some now? Need to check what is in the latest release :slight_smile: ).

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I waited ages for this, finally!

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Hope updates like this will be throughout the whole year

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I love the changes!
One thing I would love to be addressed too though is a bug where the selection tool automatically activates during playtesting, I find it very annoying because I have to manually deactivate it everytime I want to playtest, any plans to fix it? Seems like an easy problem

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Hi @RoyallyFlushed - thank you for the feedback! I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug you described occurring when deleting an instance and undoing that deletion – would you mind providing more specific reproducible steps so that we can identify and resolve this issue? Thank you!

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I am glad that this is finally going to be a thing! There has been so many times where I had all of these expanded objects and wished I could close them all without having to manually collapsing all of those objects individually one by one. :smiley:

Hey @kirazeee325, Thanks for looking into this! I was contacted by @SubtleShuttle a while ago regarding the matter. I’ve gone ahead and cc’d you in to the convo.

Really appreciate the help with this!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like the CTRL + A shortcut is active even when testing in Play Solo. I can’t test my game properly because crouching (CTRL) and attempting to move left (A) selects objects instead.

Seems like you just need to disable a setting.

File > Studio Settings > Studio > Advanced > Respect Studio shortcuts when game has focus

Disable that setting, and you shouldn’t be able to trigger studio shortcuts while testing!


Oops! Didn’t even know that, sorry!

Updated the post to reflect new Explorer navigation functionality that we’ve added to this beta!


I like this update! Now the explorer pane behaves more like a tree view in Windows’ File Explorer or a similar UI. I have one request, though: Could the backspace key have its behavior changed? I sometimes press backspace and find that it deleted whatever I was selecting while testing. Backspace doesn’t delete anything in File Explorer so it doesn’t make sense for it to do that in Roblox Studio.

I love these updates more than anything.

These are not flashy updates, but reduce millions of useless hours of developers trying to use mouse to collapse/uncollapse stupid folders and parts, or try to anchored thousands of parts in a model.

This is real help like you built a bridge or highway for millions of cars to save time <3

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These features have been released out of beta and are now on prod!


Great addition to Roblox Studio, would also like to be able to toggle the auto expand folder when something is drag/droped into another folder