EZ Camera Shake ported to Roblox


You can put it anywhere a LocalScript can access, since you have to require it from a LocalScript. Somewhere like ReplicatedStorage works fine.


Ok, Thanks!


A little late, sorry, but I came back to this after deciding to not work with the horribly unreadable (microoptimized lollllllllllllll) version I wrote (it’s also a singleton :C )

What’s the use of having roughMod and magnMod versus just updating the Magnitude and Roughness properties?


I don’t remember, sorry. I pretty much translated this directly from C# to Lua without many modifications to the actual code logic. I might have some time tomorrow to look at it

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Thank you for this! Looks VERY smooth!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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This is really interesting. I really appreciate your efforts to bring easily accessible things from the more mainstream third party platforms to Roblox. I hope myself and others help continue that effort!


Just a normal half-day at work for Crazyman32


How do you even use this module?


I spent a good half hour trying to figure it out until I realized I needed to use camShake:Start() in order for any effects to run. Just look at his example code here and in the module.


Sorry, yeah I based the API exactly from the original C# code. I probably could have made it a little more intuitive for Roblox. Maybe I’ll make a modification sometime soon that’s a bit easier to use!


It doesn’t work if I try to tween while it’s active so I had to disable it.