Factor - UI Designer & Programmer

Wow, this looks really nice. I like the first screenshot under Game UIs


I commissioned him only two days ago and have already received what I asked for. He delivers an exceptionally high-quality product fast and is very easy to communicate with.


UndecidedFactor’s user interfaces are top of the line, affordable and quality overall, I recommend hiring him if you don’t want to spend your limbs on someone expensive for a product of similar standards. :+1:


New Plugin UI!

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Commissions are now open and all commissions are 15% off for a limited time!

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Hello. I like your UI Designs a lot. But remember. That the prices you have might be really high for some starting studios. And co sider adding some bundles. Cheers

where can I contact you?


I’d like to hire you. What’s your discord?

fivefactor#6819 (cc @iZoob)

I am confused, is that your UI? Profess_ional | UI Designer

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Yes! I unfortunately am no longer able to use that account though.

Your discord does not work, do you mind sending me a friend request BK#1768

My discord is profess_ional#6819

I sent the friend request just now.

My commissions are currently open. I’ve created a portfolio using Google Docs which can be viewed here. I accept robux and USD through PayPal.

Also, Patreon supporters get up to 25% off all commissions, you can check it out here.

Hey there, fivefactor!

Was wondering if you’re still hireable for your programming services?

I am in need of a ray-casting gun system (assets I can provide - animations, models etc)

Looking forward to a reply (Sent a friend request on discord)


I am afraid I am not available for large programming projects at the moment. Only UI design, basic programming, and discord bots.

Do you have Discord? woidjwoijweifiwojfoefwhnoidjiweadiowekfkodkaok

I do! Here’s my username: factor#2552

Updated my portfolio. The only commissions that I am currently doing is user interface designs. Please note that I will be designing offsite and the client will be required to import it on their own.

Newest featured design: