Fastcast, how should i use fastcast to deal damage to a humanoid on the server from the client

I been stuck for a few days on this and been trying different things but its so confusing

how should I use fastcast to detect the hits and deal damage from the server

right now, I have the caster and everything created on the client as you see

and when the player fires the gun, I use a remote event to send to the server and the server creates a raycast and if the raycast detects a humanoid then i do damage, this works but not everytime and I dont want to do it this way

so what I want is the gun to be able to use fastcast to create a bullet that only the player can see coming from the first person gun and have the bullet replicate to the other clients and I want to use fastcast to detect if the fastcast bullet has hit a humanoid and then do damage on the server

Im just confused on using fastcast to have the server to damage the humanoid without having to send over any results or a humanoid from what the fastcast detected if you know what i mean

can someone please explain to me how I should go about doing all this, Its just so confusing for me

What in the world is ‘fastcast’ ?!?!

its a module made for ranged weapons

ah nvm seems like people confused on what I’m saying, ill just use fast cast to move the bullets on the client only and then do ray cast on the server each time the bullet gets terminated