Faster and more Efficient ways to handle Interact Systems

Interact System Effeciency

Hello! I’m RazorBladedino117, a scripter. I’ve scripted many interact systems throughout my years on roblox, but I’ve had a question from the beginning. During all my interact systems, I use a similiar bit of code as shown below:

local minimum_distance = 20

for _, entity in pairs(interact_list) do
    local magnitude = (entity.Position - root.Position).Magnitude

    if magnitude < minimum_distance then
       minimum_distance = magnitude
       interact_object = entity

Do you think there is a more efficient way to run through the list and detect the interact_object ? Please comment your ideas below!

Roblox have just released Proximity Prompts in Studio Beta. This may be of interest to you.

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Yes, I’ve seen the post. I will possibly switch to using those in the future, however, if there is a possible way to make this more efficient, it could be applicable to many scenarios.