Faster roblox network replication

Hi this is just a simple question as I think my searches aren’t resulting in the thing I am looking for.

I remember seeing at some point that someone made a system that updated a character’s position to other clients quicker than roblox’s replication system. I just wonder if anyone has this post or knows what to search for to get it ext.

I’m mostly asking because I wonder if it was done with event calls or if there is something else they are using. Like if default roblox replication takes slightly slower than a remote event call.

Thanks in advance


Also with this I pose a follow-up questions of anyways to optimise network performace.

I want to make a traditional 2D fighting game like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. This means that the scenario the 2 players would be in is relatively simple in comparision to other games. No NPCS, no strange terrain, ext. ext. At most a couple of projectiles and a hitboxes and hurtboxes on the server’s end.

Any advice would appreciated : )

Not quicker (lack of data) but definitely custom without using the default replication.