FE Gun Kit equipping animation glitch

So I was using the FE gun kit from the toolbox, and I have seen a small little glitch that happens every time I add an FE equip animation to the tools. Each time I equip a tool, there is a split second where the item is just appears unanimated right before playing the animation, which makes it look really strange, and I have no clue how to fix this.


in your equip play() thing you need to set it to snap to the first frame (Equip:Play(0)) this means it will play the animation but the transition between last animation (ugly arms) and the equip animation will be 0

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I tried that but there still is a delay.

also the script has an if statement before it equips so that could be why it lags?

if VMEquippedAnim then VMEquippedAnim:Play(0,nil,Module.VMEquippedAnimationSpeed) end

probably not that. if statements take 0.000001 seconds to execute (ballpark range but)

I have FINALLY found a solution to this! Tool equip animation has weird glitch at the beginning, it was because the Idle animation played while the equip animation was playing, so they interrupted each other, I just modified the FE gun kit script to wait until after the equip animation fully plays until playing the idle animation

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