Feed back on Plants vs Zombi games!

Currently I made a new game and was planned to continue. This game was about protecting your lawn from zombies by planting plants!
game link if you’re interested
Please, I put all my effort in this game so if you can check it out and give a feeback. It’ll be great! Also, I love to get this game on youtube!
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Thanks for reading :slight_smile:E


I love games like these. Love how it looks so real compared to the original one. Great job!


Thank you so much for these kind of comments!


There are a few features that you can utilise in order to make this game better:

  1. You may want to use FastCast to simulate your projectile instead of using parts. Parts deend a lot on physics and it might not be suitable for a large amount of projectiles. Using fastcast may increase your performance
    Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you!

  2. You can move more of your actions to the client side so it is less stress for the server, more-over this is probably a single player game at the moment. For example, you can make all the models render at client only.

  3. You can try to animate the plants as well or give them skinned mesh

there is one problem that i have encountered: the feedback of this game is not strong enough to make the player feel immersed. You can try to improve on the sound design or utilise particles to make the interactions feel immersive.

Do look into other games if you want to improve yourself.
This is another PVZ gme that you might want to look to in order to improve your own game.

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I like the theme and the plants, they remind me of pvz when I was playing since 8

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When I’m playing on my IPhone 12 the UI gets really messed up. The starting menu is overlapping but the game breaking part is that the button to buy the sunflower is directly under the chat button, making it almost impossible to buy a sunflower

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This is the reason people need to make sure their UI is fine on mobile. If it isn’t the client can detect if touch is enabled using UserInputService:TouchEnabled() in a local script.

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Today i just played on mobile and realised same, i’ll make a sun flower display more bigger. Thanks for info!

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Alright some updates on the game, I made a difficulty settings which you can choose from. In the future. You will get rewards for it :smiley:

For everyone who played the game, I made an achievement for beta tester! It is limited soo please go check it :smiley: