[FEEDBACK] Doing a reference for GFX

Salutations! Willow again back here and I’m trying to apply my new GFX technique design to make myself curious and relaxed at the same time. It is a Call of Duty reference type that I try to apply on my recent GFXs and it made me think that I can try different techniques.

This is my own GFX:

It’s okay if you say something that might think that your harsh or offensive, but please be soft on me.

If you need any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.


This GFX is much better than what I can create, I’m amazed at this!

One thing worth mentioning might be the odd shadowing error I see on your GFX right here:
Fixing that would make this much less distracting and better overall. Thanks for viewing my feedback! :ok_hand:

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